Trauma Symptom Checklist for Adults (TSC-40)

The TSC-40 is a 40-item self-report that evaluates symptomology in adults (ages 18 and older) associated with childhood or adult traumatic experiences. The TSC-40 consists of six subscales: Anxiety, Depression, Dissociation, Sexual Abuse Trauma Index (SATI), Sexual Problems, and Sleep Disturbance, and includes a Total Score as well. Each symptom item is rated according to it’s frequency of occurrence over the past two months using a 4-point scale: 0-Never, to 3-Often.

Domains Assessed: Trauma

Note: This assessment is given to all adult participants, ages 18-85 years old.


Elliot, D. M. & Briere, J. (1992). Sexual abuse trauma among professional women: Validating the Trauma Symptom Checklist – 40 (TSC-40). Child Abuse & Neglect, 16, 391-398.

Briere, J. N., & Runtz, M. G. (1989). The Trauma Symptom Checklist (TSC-33): early data on a new scale. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 4, 151-163.

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